N64 Emulator Strapped From the Xbox One Store


Emulation for the Nintendo 64 was shortly available for the Xbox One to purchase through the digital marketplace. You read that right, to purchase on the Xbox One Store.


Somehow it made it through the phase of certification, to where it eventually made the N64 emulator for purchase for those who knew of the app existence (could only be found by searching it). Known as Win64e10 emulator, the emulator worked perfectly fine and eventually the suits at Microsoft found out about the project, according to the Xbox subreddit. Here’s a playable clip of it running on the Xbox One.

It’s clear that people still crave some nostalgia the N64 brought to the household in the 1990’s. Unfortunately for them, the only way to buy them is through the Wii or Wii U eShop. There, you can purchase games where you’re still supporting the developers.