Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Copies Will Be Bundled With Sonic Boom TV Series DVD

Confirmed during today’s presentation, Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will include a copy of the Sonic Boom TV series in the form of a DVD. As a friendly reminder, the game launches on September 27th.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice: The Nintendo 3DS game includes modes for both single-player and two-player competitions. With a return to speed, the game harnesses the tone of the popular Sonic Boom animated series and also forges a new path in order to tell its own story. The game launches exclusively on Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 27 and comes with a three-episode Sonic Boom DVD.

SEGA And Kidrobot Team Up For Sonic 25th Anniversary Collection

The fondly beloved blue hedgehog we know as Sonic is getting more goodies for it’s 25th anniversary this upcoming year. With the recent reveal of new games, now there’s more special merch for fans to own.

SEGA and Kidrobot have collaborated to bring the goods for you! What’s included you ask? Well none other than some Sonic the Hedghog Blind Box mini series, Blind Box Keychains, and last but not least a Sonic the Hedgehog Medium Figure.

“Kidrobot is very happy to partner with SEGA,” shared Kidrobot’s vice president of product and marketing Allen Richardson. “We are excited to bring Kidrobot’s unique style and sensibility to their ever-popular Sonic the Hedgehog brand.” – Kidrobot’s vice president of product and marketing Allen Richardson

All these goodies sound delightful and are due out for a Winter 2016 release. Anything on the list tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comment section below,

Gear Up for Summer With Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games With the Opening of the Official Website

Who ya got? Mario or Sonic?

It’s time. All the Olympians have been waiting for this moment, to show that they are the very best, like no one ever was.

Months of non-stop practicing to represent their country and bring home Gold. While you’ve been dozing off at the big names of the competition, Mario and Sonic have been doing this gig for more than 20 years! That’s right, no matter if you’re a pretty princess or have a major crush on a certain blue hedgehog, it’s time to show you’re best with Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

With the 3DS iteration dropping on March 18th and the Wii U version coming out later this Summer, now’s the perfect time to get going with iconic character from the Super Mario series and Sonic series. With the newest site just opening recently, it gives you time to get pumped up about the release of the game with new screenshots, videos, and even some rundowns of some new and returning events. Be sure to give the official site a glimpse for more information.

Unreleased Sonic & SEGA Racing and Sonic Racing Transformed Concept Art Revealed


S&ASRT Early Concept Art 3To come with direct competition with the Mario Kart series, SEGA came with hopes of making a move into the racing market with the releases of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing in 2010 for the Wii and the DS. With the second installment, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, releasing in 2012, which saw the release of Wii U as part of its launch lineup then later also releasing on the 3DS.

Both games had positive reception from the audience, with the first installment scoring a 78 on Metacritic and the second scoring a 79 on Metacritic respectively. Now that time has passed, website Sonic Stadium has uncovered some unreleased concept art ranging from both games of the series. Interestingly enough, Gilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe were cut and never saw the light in neither previously released installments.

Not only was it characters whom were butchered from the games, it also included some stages some vehicles which went through long process before reaching the final form, such as AiAi who went through lots of redesigns.

Check out below these interesting changes that were made in order to accommodate the final products of the game and let us know what you thought of images included in the comment section below.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing











Gillius Thunderhead and Alex Kidd Beta

The Complications of Aiai and Eggman



Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Early Concept Art

S&ASRT Early Concept Art 3

S&ASRT Early Concept Art 2

S&ASRT Early Concept Art 1

S&ASRT Vectors 3


S&ASRT Vectors 1




Stephen Frost explains why we haven’t heard much of Sonic Boom

Stephen Frost explains why we haven't heard much of Sonic Boom

Coming as the latest and final partnership between Sega and Nintendo on a 3 game deal on the Sonic series, Sonic Boom has been quiet as a late. Sonic Boom game producer, Stephen Frost, has explained to Sonic Stadium that the reason of the silence is that they’re cooking up som info for E3

Frost also promiises we’ll see more of the 3DS version, as well more Wii U footage. Quoting Frost, here’s what he had to say:

’ve said it a few times in the past, but there were key reasons why we announced the Sonic Boom initiative when we did. Along with that, there are a lot of partners involved with Sonic Boom so we have to be mindful of their timelines and requirements for their respective fields. It’s not just about a game anymore… This is a large group effort so any announcements and information shared publicly needs to really be planned and organized carefully. We need to make sure that things we reveal don’t impact other parts and vice versa

To read the complete interview, be sure to click on the photo for the link.