Shovel Knight:Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment Will Be On Switch

The newest addition to the Shovel Knight series will be arriving to Nintendo Switch before every other platform

Shovel Knight:Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment will launch of Nintendo Switch “first” during the Switch’s launch windows. Coming directly from the Yacht Club Games website. Just like the original launch of Shovel Knight, the content will be coming to a Nintendo platform first again, though whether any exclusive content will be coming to Switch version, not yet at least. Another neat feature is that they added a Sound Test Mode! Sweet!

Get ready for Shovel Knight Co-op using Joy-Cons, Specter of Torment, Body Swap Mode, new challenge stages, new feats, and more on your new Nintendo Switch!! The other consoles and standalone versions will follow suit in April (dates to be confirmed once submitted and approved by platform holders).

As one final bit of news to all you music lovers, we’ve decided to add a Shovel Knight Sound Test Mode where you can listen to all the tracks from every campaign. It’ll be a free update to all versions of the game.

Just as a reminder, if you own Shovel Knight already, you will automatically own Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and continue to receive all planned game updates!

Japan Is Getting A Shovel Knight amiibo Bundle In June

Shovel Knight was definitely worth the hype, players can surely agree who dug in to the modern retro throwback game. With it releasing first in North America and Europe after, Japan now has the chance to play the beauty of shovelry on the go or at home.

The 3DS is getting an official amiibo bundle in Japan. As what can be seen from the picture above, it comes included in a box to protect the amiibo + the physical copy of the game.

Shovel Knight amiibo Release Date Annouced For North America + Europe

Yacht Club Games has finally made it official and announced a date of release for the Shovel Knight amiibo! After the long wait for a release date, we can now confirm that it will be released in Europe on December 11th and in the United States on January 8th.

In order to make Shovel Knight compatible in the game, you’ll need to update your game to the most recent version. Here’s the official press release given by Yacht Club Games as well as a new trailer.

“You may be wondering why the Shovel Knight amiibo is coming out so much earlier in Europe! It was an agonizing decision, as production difficulties forced us to choose between rushing to ship a tiny, insufficient number of amiibo units before Christmas, or ship a good healthy supply of stock to North America just after Christmas. We’ve received hundreds of emails bemoaning the difficulty in finding some of your favorite amiibo, racing for a pre-order window, issues with scalpers, having trouble unlocking the new features you want to play; so, we made the decision to launch the amiibo in January so there would be enough units available. Hopefully, this later date will make buying a Shovel Knight amiibo easy and fair for everyone. So just be sure to save up that Christmas money for the new year!

On that note, if you’re interested in picking up the Shovel Knight amiibo, then we’d like to implore you to wait for it to release in your territory. There will be plenty and it will not be a limited run, so please don’t feel pressured into importing or buying from scalpers. Don’t spend more than the retail price! Also, keep in mind the new Shovel Knight amiibo features will not function on your game system in your territory until the listed release date. Thank you everyone for your patience!”

On Wii U and 3DS, the Shovel Knight amiibo provides these features:

– Level up to a max level of 50 by finding treasure!
– Earn relics in an all new way while uncovering all-new relics, abilities, and powers you never thought possible!
– Customize the look of your Shovel Knight with cool and crazy cosmetic options!
– Use your Custom Knight seamlessly between Nintendo 3DS and Wii U!
– Battle your way through amiibo exclusive challenge stages that take advantage of the new Custom Knight relics and abilities!
– 5 new solo challenges and 5 new co-op challenges (exclusive to Wii U) await!

– Join a friend’s Shovel Knight campaign and shovel together!
– Use your cooperative skills to help each other out along the way!
– Compete against each other collecting gold and defeating enemies to prove who is the true hero of Shovelry!
– Play with any combination: two Custom Knights, one Custom Knight/one Classic Knight, or 2 Classic Knights.



Check Out This Unboxing For The Shovel Knight amiibo

While the news for the Shovel Knight amiibo have been scarce since being announced at Nindies@Night event that the retro platformer would receive it’s own beautiful amiibo, beyond a “Holiday” release date for 2015 has been all we’ve known.

With a stealth release, the Shovel Knight amiibo has been released in retailers across Europe and the public can now get their hands on them. Check out this video by NintenDaan for the unboxing.