Shin’en Shares Progress on FAST Racing Neo; Future Plans With Nintendo Consoles


A new, glorious screenshots for FAST Racing Neo

The fast speed racer being brought by indie game development, Shi’en, has been grinding hard on wheels and mechanics with FAST Racing Neo for a long time now, with no official trailer has been revealed because the team has been the “biggest project we’ve worked on for a long time.” The Shin’en team is definitley is aiming at bringing a full fledged experience to its platforms, but ever since the release of Nano Assault NEO-X, which released on PS4, some Nintendo fans have expressed concern for the company leaving Nintendo in the dust and stop development for it.

In a interview with Nintendo Life, the team killed those concerns and give loyalty throught the developers life span. Here’s what Sauter from Shin’en had to say about the topic.

Nobody needs to be afraid that we’ll go away and start developing our games purely for other platforms. Sometimes we might use an opportunity to show other people games on their consoles, but we think that by sharing these games we can show more, and maybe some of these gamers will go to Nintendo. We’re very happy with Nintendo and hope to stay that way for a long time into the future.