Nintendo Switch Has Officially Outsold the PS4 in Japan


Move over PlayStation, Nintendo has come for your crown.

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Pokemon Shuffle Passes 6 Millions Downloads On 3DS

Before all the Pokemon GO craze hit phones, we had Pokemon Shuffle in our hands to toggle with. For those of you who don’t know, Pokemon Shuffle is a type of game that is similar to Candy Crush where you have limited amount of turns except instead of sweets, it’s those darn cute Pokemon.

The game has surprassed 6 million downloads all over 3DS systems worlwide. That’s a lot of shuffling! In celebration, 3DS users will be able to get these rewards for checking in to the game:

  • August 9th: 1 000 Coins
  • August 10th: 10 Hearts
  • August 11th: 1 Disruption Delay
  • August 12th: 1 Jewel
  • August 13th: 1 Mega Start
  • August 14th: 1 Moves + 5
  • August 15th: 1 Time + 10
  • August 16th: 1 Skill Swapper
  • August 17th: 1 Skill Booster M
  • August 18th: 1 Raise Max Level
  • August 19th: 1 Exp Point Booster S
  • August 20th: 1 Exp. Points * 1.5
  • August 21st: 1 Attack Power
  • August 22nd: 1 Mega Speedup