A Pokemon Sun/Moon Pre-Order Nabs You This Magnificent Pouch


Online retail giant Amazon is offering a special pre-order bonus to customers who order the game through it’s Japanese entity. Pre-ordering Sun gets you a Yellow Pikachu pouch while pre-ordering Moon gets you the blue pouch (shown above). You can pre-order Pokemon Sun and Moon through Amazon Japan right here.


Mario Party: Star Rush Preorders Include A Free Notebook From The Nintendo UK Store

Mario Party: Star Rush + Notebook: Image 01

Putting your money down at the Nintendo UK store for Mario Party: Star Rush will nab you a free notebook themed as the Mario Party box art. The game releases on October 7th in Europe, so you still have time to get that order in before the copies begin to ship. Whether you want a nifty themed notebook for scholar needs or just doodling shirtless Waluigi sketches, you can pre-order it right here.

You’ll Receive a Snazzy Patch With the Pre-Order of Star Fox Zero at GameStop

It’s almost time. You’ll soon be able to cruise over space and land in beautiful HD graphics soon. Whether you take the main path or choose to be a rebel and find alternate paths, it’s no battle between recognizing this patch is a nice compliment to Star Fox fans.

By pre-ordering the Wii U game at GameStop, you’ll secure this patch on release date when the game is purchased. You can represent Corneria in full ¬†fledged fashion, even if your not in the appropriate attire to save the galaxy. (I’m looking at you Slippy!)

For more information and the chance to pre-order Star Fox Zero, here’s the link to directly to the page on GameStop’s page.

You’ll Have the Chance to Get Some Enchanting Costumes for Hyrule Warriors: Legends by Pre-Ordering at GAME

Preorder Bonus: Hyrule Warriors: Legends Limited Edition - Bonus Digital Content!

Don’t leave your mouth open, you might get some pixie dust stuck in ya! We know how you love dressing up your characters in the clothing you choose to put to make the experience more relatable¬†to your dear heart.

If you happen to live in the UK and want some exclusive goodies, be on the lookout no more. If you pre-order Hyrule Warriors: Legends for the 3DS at GAME, you’ll receive 2 exclusive costumes. They are 2 fairy costume code you’ll receive upon purchasing you’re pre-order. Here’s the info straight from GAME’s site:

Preorder Bonus!

Preorder Bonus: Hyrule Warriors: Legends Limited Edition - Bonus Digital Content!

Pre-order Hyrule Warriors: Legends Limited Edition and receive a bonus costume set, including two fairy companion outfits (which also offer in-game benefits).

These costumes are exclusive pre-order codes and cannot be found during normal gameplay.