Deals: The Ultimate Pokemon Sun & Moon Shopping Guide


Pokemon Sun and Moon release this Friday worldwide, and the excitement is beyond the roof. In order to for you to enjoy the most of this experience, we accumulated a list for all your needs! From anything to a walk through guide, a 3DS system, or even the game itself, you can find them all right here! You can get 20% off Pokemon Sun/Moon until December 2nd.

You can access all of our wishlist by CLICKING HERE for all of the recommendations! Happy shopping!

Pokemon Holo Caster Service Comes To A Halt


Pokemon X/Y and ORAS players will no longer be able to access the Holo Caster service, which served purpose of informing players of news within the Pokemon community.  After 3 years, the service has come to an end, with really no heads up that the service was going to be butchered. If a player tries accessing the feature, they will get a message saying the service has been discontinued.

Legendary Pokemon Hoopah Distribution Event Now Live In North America


Legendary Pokemon Hoopah is now available for download for those with a copy of a North American copy of Pokemon X/Y and Pokemon ORAS. You’ll need one of the copies of the mentioned games above and an internet connection to receive the Pokemon via Mystery Gift.

It’s moveset includes Hyperspace Hole, Psychic, Astonish & Nasty Plot as well as Smoke Ball included within receive. You’ll need to enter the code 2016HOOPA to receive it. The end date is unknown, so be sure to download it as soon as possible.



Legendary Pokemon Arceus Is Now Available To Download In Pokemon XY/ORAS

Legendary Pokemon Arceus is now available for trainers with a copy of Pokemon X/Y or Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire through a special code obtainable at a GameStop in the United States or GAME in the UK. Once you receive the card (ask for a copy of it), you will then need to insert it through the mystery gift and follow the instruction as followed to obtain it.

Starting today, you can get Mythical Pokemon Diancie at GameStop for Pokemon X and Y

Starting today, if you visit a GameStop store near you, you’ll be able to receive the rare Pokemon Dianice through a special code given at stores. When you receive your code, be sure to fire up your copy of Pokemon X or Y. Confused on what to do after that? Here’s a quick guide on how to receive Dianice.

  1. In the main menu, click “Mystery Gift’
  2. Click the “Get With Code” button
  3. Enter your unique code
  4. Accept Dianice to be downloaded to your game
  5. Pick it up in any Pokemon Center

Simple and easy as that! For more details, check out below for the excerpt taken from the official English Pokemon website.

Return to GameStop between October 27 and November 16 for a code card to receive the Mythical Pokémon Diancie in Pokémon X or Pokémon Y! After receiving Diancie, it can be transferred into Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire when those games launch on November 21 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Once the Diancite Mega Stone has been obtained in the new games, players can Mega Evolve Diancie during battles!