NES Emulator Passes Microsoft Certification For Xbox One

How emulating of you Xbox.

You read that right. A NES Emulator is coming to the Xbox One. In fact, it already passed certification, all that is left to do is for the actual product to go live on Windows Store. It’s crazy just even thinking of this being a possibility, but of course it isn’t completely illegal to have an emulator, though the actual ROM’s are. It’s abstract of Microsoft allowing this on their console in the first place, but maybe it’s just a nudge on their part of Super Mario Run not being available on Microsoft platforms.

Nostalgia! Fans Make 13 Years of Nintendo Power Scans Available For Everybody To Enjoy

Now your playing with power.

Nintendo Power, the official Nintendo magazine here in the United States, was dear to many people. It all started with Issue 1 (seen above) with a clay cover of Mario promoting Super Mario Bros. 2 with a free poster included.

For those of you didn’t get to experience Nintendo Power; or getting a magazine in general through the mail, it was a wonderful time where waiting anxiously for the mail man to deliver you the fresh print known as Nintendo Power. Within it, it would include all the news for upcoming games, impressions, reviews, and even a poster from time to time. As some one who had the chance to have Nintendo Power in their life, it’s great for fans to be able to read and glance at many¬†publications of the writing issue per issue.

You can view all of these beauties by clicking here. Do you have any Nintendo Power memories? Let us know in the comment section!

Check out the 10-in-1 Retron 5, plays your NES, SNES, and GBA games

Some of you may already heard of the Retron 5, but now there’a video of it in action. For those of you who don’t know what the Retron 5 is, its a console that plays many old games, ranging from the NES to the Mega Drive. This accessory is actually legal, since it requires a physical copy of a game for it to be playable on the console.

Best of all, it looks smooth and nice, even when you play it on a huge HDTV. As of now, the accessory is still in Beta, and no pre-orders can be put as of now. We’ll inform you on when they are.