Live Action Tetris Movie Aims to Shift Into the Right Spots

An official Tetris movie is apparently in the works, according to reports of Threshold Entertainment. As bizarre as it may sound, some business executive had the guts (and money) to make this film become one step closer to reality.

A 80 Million deposit has been set in place for funding in the needs of the film. According to Kasanoff, lead at Threshold Entertainment, the Tetris movie is planned to be filmed in the country of China with many Chinese actors taking part in the movie. Yet, the intention of it is to still make it feel appealing to a “worldwide” demographic.

Kasanoff wouldn’t be the first time he has his head highlighted for a notorious video game franchise making to the big screens. Last time this happened? He pitched in to help for the filming of the Mortal Kombat adaptation, which grossed over 70 million buck-aroos. With this being said, what direction would you like the Tetris film to take?

Pikmin Short movies hitting both Wii U and 3DS eShops

The previously announced Pikmin shorts that would be releasing sometime in the future now have a secure format of distribution. Nintendo has announced that the Pikmin shorts will be coming both to the 3DS and Wii U eShop, although they won’t be available for download, meaning that you’ll be only to watch the via the eShop. Are you excited for the Pikmin’s very own videos? Let us know in the comment section below.

Activision plans on making movies for 2 of their major franchises

Activision ‘mulling a plan’ to make Call of Duty and Skylanders movies

Videogame company Activision is reportedly in the works of launching a movie studio which then can be made to make film adaptions to their franchises. This could mean the possibility’s of a Skylanders or Call of Duty movie is more realistic.  Activision is currently “mulling a plan” according to anonymous sources. With not many details given, we’ll be sure to update you with the news if it happens to emerge. Would you be intrested in any Activision franchise hitting the big screen?