Here’s Every Super Mario Skin Found in the Wii U Version of Minecraft

If you missed the recent news about exclusive skins coming to the Wii U version of Minecraft, you’ve to the right place to be informed about the recent announcement. Now that Mojang (developers of Minecraft) have become acquired by Microsoft, both Nintendo¬†and¬†Microsoft have come together to make this obscure DLC true to the Wii U version.

With 40 skins in total to use as well as specially equipable items, here’s a video giving a full rundown of every skin in the game.

Notch teases Minecraft for Wii U

Marcus Notch, the genius man behind the immerse Minecraft has gone to Twitter and done a little something-something to those Wii U owners/future owners. If you haven’t been on the social networking lately, you may have missed the tease he left for Wii U owners. Notch says he is “looking forward to a third one in 2015.” Could this be an indication that Minecraft will finally be coming to Wii U? Let’s hope that’s the case. Would you like a Wii U version of Minecraft come to the Wii U? Let us know in the comment section!