Krispy Kreme Has Begun Serving Pokemon Themed Doughnuts In South Korea


Pastry chain Krispy Kreme has now begun serving Pokemon themed doughnuts. As seen with the picture above, they are so ever, ever, ever mouth watering good to look at. Should I be worried that I’ve never wanted to eat a Pikachu this badly?!

You have three choices to choose from: Pikachu, Squirtle, and a Poke Ball themed doughtnut, respectively. Squirtle will set you at 2,000 won (US$1.80), Pikachu 2,500 won ($2.27), or  a Pokéball for 1,800 won per doughnut. If you got quite the craving, you can also order a “Pokémon Dozen” for 15,000 won, which is $16.30


Unlucky for most of us, this promotion is only running within South Korea for the moment, with it making it outside the country more than unlikely. Luckily, at least Pokemon GO works fine, unlike within South Korea. Which doughnut piques your taste buds the most?