A Look At The New And Improved Ike amiibo

Boxshot: Ike amiibo Figure by Nintendo

Since unveiling Wave 3, it’s expected that changes are made, some for the best, and others can be big mistakes. This case is no exception,┬áthe Ike amiibo has gotten a new revamped look. Fighting for his friends, Ike looks a lot more shiny and detailed. Changing some of the minor details such as the base where his tremendous sword was previously yellow now has changed into a gray area. If you haven’t seen the boxart neither, you can check it out above.

Now comes the good part. Here are the images comparing and contrasting the old and new images, where the old amiibo look is on the left and the final version on the right.


What are your impressions on the look? Did you reserve an Ike amiibo? Let us know in the comment section below.