Are Pikmin and Tom Nook Amiibo’s on the way?

The possibility of many more unannounced Amiibo’s could be on the way. Now surfacing is the possibility of a two leaked Amiibo’s. Coming from the carrying case made for Amiibo’s, being sold by Hori, seems to indicate it.

Tom Nook and the Pikmin may be on the way, at least according to the packaging from the Play-Asia website, which seems to strongly hint that in one point these figures will become a reality. What could they be used for… Tom Nook for Animal Crossing Wii U, and the Pikmin for Pikmin 3 possibly. What do you think about this, legit or no chance? Let us know in the comment section below.

Hori’s Amiibo case ⊟
…featuring silhouettes of as-yet unannounced Pikmin and Tom Nook Amiibos (also seen here!). Play-Asia’s got the case for $17, shipping December 6 (via @NintendoTweet.)
If you want something a little more decorative, Amazon has the ? Block and mushroom cases! Plenty of ways to stash your miibs.
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