Super Smash Bros Meele is making a return to EVO this summer

Melee will be making its return this summer once again for the EVO Tournament . The 13-year old fighting game is still loved by fans and its rather ‘smashing’ that it will  be making ts return. You might remember Melee almost didn’t make it to the Tournament because Nintendo wouldn’t allow streaming, therefore cancellation would of had to happen. In less than 24 hours, Nintendo reverted the decision in less that 24 hours after the rant that went on in social medias, which put Nintendo in an unwanted attention.


This year’s EVO Tournament will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 11th-13th. One month after E3. The reason we mention E3 is because we might have a release date for the new Smash. games by that time. Maybe the game will sometime in the future it will replace Melee for a spot in the EVO competition.