These stylish Mario Kart 8 themed accessories are coming to Japan


It’s time to suit up! Mario Kart 8 is set to be one of the best games in the franchise and to anticipate the launch, companies are releasing accessories to bling-ify their Wii U. Company Hori is responsible for the release of these accessories. Hori is giving the Game Pad an astonishing look with the red and white  all over the Game Pad. You can even see Mario is his kart in the bottom right corner. The back of this Game Pad will be blue, to match Mario’s overalls. And there will also be a Luigi themed Game Pad cover.



Luigi Game Pad Front

The Luigi Game Pad is green from the front with white on parts such as the button and analog sticks. Like the Mario one, the back will be blue to match Luigi’s overalls.


To see more pictures of the accessories, click here