Super Mario Meets Dynasty Warriors? Koei Tecmo Boss Would Love Crossover Game

Bowser's Fury is a heavy metal remix of Super Mario 3D World - The Verge

Is the Super Mario series the next to receive a Dynasty Warriors crossover?

Some possibly exciting news was just published in an interview with the outlet, JP Games DE. They had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Hisashi Koinuma, Director of Samurai Warriors 5 and President of Koei Tecmo.

In an array of questions, Mr. Koinuma was asked which series would he would love to have a crossover title with, he mentioned the Mario universe would be one of his top priorities.

It’s completely hypothetical, but since we’re on the subject of crossovers: personally, which Musou crossover would you like to see? For me, it would be Yakuza. Rampaging through the hordes with Kazuma Kiryu or Goro Majima would be awesome.

If the series would work as an action game then it’s definitely possible. While I don’t have any ideas on how to make this a reality, I think Mario would be my pick.

Of course, nothing definitive, but at least it shows some interest and with Zelda and Fire Emblem in Koei Tecmo’s resume, who knows… it might come into fruition!

If they could make two universes mesh perfectly like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, count us in!

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