Nintendo Finally Starts Allowing Users to Cancel Pre-orders

Nintendo Switch eShop Redesign: A UX Case Study | by Ryan Harmon | Medium

Woo! You can finally cancel an existing pre-order from the Nintendo Switch eShop!

Nintendo has finally caught up to modern times in terms of consumer friendliness.

As of now, you can now cancel your pre-order you’ve placed on the eShop – meaning you getting your hard money back is a breeze. Previously, if you had placed a pre-order for a game, it meant you had no way of getting your money back due to Nintendo’s policy.

After some legal battle in Europe, Nintendo was forced to change the policy in order to avoid closure of selling their products. Thankfully this is helpful for us consumers.

According to the new policy found in the Nintendo terms website, you can now cancel (and get your money back) up to one week before release.

“Required funds will automatically be paid out of available funds at the time of payment. The expected payment date is no sooner than seven days before the product is released,”

“You may cancel your pre-orders up until time of payment. You can check the product’s expected payment date by selecting Shop Menu in your Nintendo Account settings then selecting Your Pre-orders, or via Your Pre-orders under Account Information on Nintendo eShop on your device.”

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