Retro Studios Snag Up Prominent Star Wars and Battlefield Artists for Metroid Prime 4 Development

Metroid Prime turns 15 as the franchise finally becomes relevant ...

Retro adds prominent members from the Star Wars and Battlefield series aboard to work on Metroid Prime 4.

As progress for Metroid Prime 4 advances, Retro Studios is keeping the barrel moving with a skew of new prominent members who’ve worked on well-known franchises such as Star Wars and Battlefield onto the crew.

VGC is reporting Retro has added three new members specializing in the art department responsible for the visual aspect of the special effects. Adad Morales, who’s worked on Battlfield Hardline, Bryan Erck, Shadow of the Tomb RaiderĀ and Nicholas Wilson, Borderlands 3.

Although Metroid Prime 4 was officially revealed in 2017 during a Nintendo Direct curated for E3, development was scrapped and reconstructed from step one in early 2019.



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