Take Charge With Millions in the Online RPG Dauntless, Now Available for Free on Switch

The free-to-play RPG Dauntless is now available for download.

During today’s Indie World video presentation, it was announced an online free-to-play RPG would be available to download for free on Switch called Dauntless.

Dauntless is developed by Phoenix Labs. You’ll be able to team-up with preexisting players from different platforms and defeat enemies with your friends. The game is now available to download for free on the eShop.

  • Dauntless from Phoenix Labs: Join millions of players in Dauntless, the fastest-growing online action-RPG, and explore a massive, free-to-play online world. Stand together and slay Behemoths with your friends from all over the world with true cross-play when Dauntless launches later today on Nintendo Switch. Exclusive to Slayers on Nintendo Switch, the Skyfighter Armor and Skymetal Weapon Set ensure that you look your best on the hunt. This cosmetic set includes weapon skins for all seven weapon types in Dauntless and a stylish armor set.

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