Streets of Rage 4 Looks to Pack a Punch Early 2020

A new timetable is released for Streets of Rage 4.

During today’s Indie World video presentation, we got a better understanding of the new Streets of Rage 4 game, as well as a targeted release date for the game as well.

Streets of Rage 4 is expected to release sometime in the first half of 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. Packed with a new campaign, mechanics, and fresh new stages, expect this game to pack a serious jab next year.

  • Streets of Rage 4 from Dotemu / Guard Crush Games / Lizardcube: Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the legendary Streets of Rage trilogy’s beat-’em-up gameplay with new mechanics, a fresh story and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem. There will be plenty of braised chicken lying around on plates and bad guys to beat down when Streets of Rage 4 comes to Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2020.

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