The Wii Version of Just Dance 2020 Manages Outselling the PS4 and Xbox One Versions in the UK

Image result for just dance 2020

The little Wii that could.

Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2020 saw release across different platforms last week as it debuted in the ongoing series of music-active titles.

Though, it did come as a swan-song for the Wii, Nintendo’s console that released 13 years ago. Though we’ve been through two new generations of Nintendo home consoles since with the Wii U and the Switch, Ubisoft has kept tapping into the Wii with success, even managing to outlive the Wii U despite it being on older and more restrictive hardware.

Nevertheless, the Wii’s loyal demographic seems to love Just Dance – as it made history in the United Kingdom this past week at retail.

Just Dance 2020 debuted in the 15th spot, with the Switch version being the best-selling version, selling just over 55% of the total sales in its debut week. The Wii version however – took the second place crown with 21%, while the PS4 and Xbox One sold 14% and 10% respectively.

Earlier this year – Ubisoft confirmed Just Dance 2020 would be the last version to appear on the everlasting Wii, thus ending as the final Wii game to release for the console.



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