Mario Kart Tour Eclipses 123 Million Downloads In Its First Month

Image result for mario kart world tour

Making money moves (literally)

Mario Kart Tour has been doing great for Nintendo on both Apple and Android devices ever since it launched on those platforms this past September.

We know have some analytics to back this up.

According to the post, Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded 123.9 million downloads across both ecosystems in its first month. It’s also generated $37.4 million from in-app purchases.

Though surprisingly, Fire Emblem Heroes still had a more successful launch month than Mario Kart Tour.


  • generated $37.4 million in player spending
  • in terms of revenue, Mario Kart Tour comes in second for Nintendo, being beat by Fire Emblem Heroes’ launch month
  •  has an average of $0.26 spent per player
  • Pokémon GO saw 163 million downloads in its first 30 days

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