Nintendo Fans Angered During the Reveal of Pokemon Sword and Shield – Saying They Expected a New Smash Bros Character Reveal

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Fans are shocked by the latest stint pulled by Nintendo.

REDMOND WASHINGTON – Lifelong fans of the Pokemon series had a mixed bag of emotions this Wednesday morning.

Fans were promised regarding new information of the new Pokemon series – which we know that they are called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. With new information being shown about the new region that would be able to be explored, the starters, and gameplay footage as well. It wasn’t enough to fill the appetite of gamers.

Fans promptly made the trip to the outskirts of the Nintendo of America facility, bringing out their pitchforks, loud chants of disapproval, and their pairs of worn out Skechers Shape-Ups.

When asked about the situation, a twenty-four year old gamer named Homer that grew up with the original entry for the Gameboy said “He’d called in sick for work” expecting to be absolutely moved by the seven minute presentation.

Same could be said about Timothy, who was absolutely outraged at The Pokemon Company and Nintendo for the lack of action. “I expected a much better showing, the amount of disrespect shown by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company shows the lack of maturity of the executives within.”

When asked to elaborate regarding his displeasure, Timothy added ” It’s simple man. If they would of showed us the next DLC fighter for Smash Bros. Ultimate, this would of never happened.”

Meanwhile, a man cosplaying as a janitor weighed in on the issue. “Dude, I work here. What the hell is your problem?”


End of story.

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