Ten Games That Deserve Being on Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch library is already lining up to have one of the best game collections of all time… but these games would bring the system full circle

The Nintendo Switch is nearing its two year anniversary this March, celebrating a revolutionary way to play at home and on-the-go without sacrificing the experience of the Nintendo charm seen on previous releases. Sure, we had the Wii U and 3DS last generation cater to different demographics, but when developers tried making both systems talk to each other, it was an utter mess that resulted in pretty rough outings.

Thankfully, the Switch has branched both divisions that fans are used to into one console that has been a commercial success so far, elapsing what the Wii U and Gamecube sold in their lifetime already.

The time and age we live in we always want more, feeling left with a void that makes us feel shallow at times. Some games just feel like they are meant to be on this system, due to the nature of playing on the go and at home.

Let’s take a look at ten games that totally deserve a home on the Nintendo Switch:

1) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

A Link  Between Worlds.jpg

This 2.5D Zelda title is a spiritual successor to the acclaimed SNES The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past that took players by storm in the ’90s. A Link Between Worlds released in 2013 on the 3DS, with a beautiful art direction that looked great for the underpowered 3DS display. It introduced the ability to morph into walls, allowing new mechanics to come to life thanks to the minds at Nintendo.

Having an HD release would really bring out the creative direction the game originally had, but would also finally allow us to save Hyrule on a big beautiful display at home as well.

2) Elite Beat Agents

Elite Beat Agents.jpg

A music rhythm game from iNiS that consisted of wacky, yet a lovable cast of agents that had us tapping our feet in this touch-based title.

This ‘secret’ group mission is to defeat all evil for where justice is needed to be served. Led by the ex-CIA agent Commander Kahn, your mission is to defeat the baddies in a groovy, fashionable way that really showed the potential of the Nintendo DS in 2006.

Now that the Switch has ditched the resistive screen the DS has, more missions with multiple fingers can be asserted in for a more intense experience. Motion controls on the joycons and the button layout could also lead to some interesting experiment while docked.

3) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
Scott Pilgrim.jpg

I feel like this title doesn’t get enough love in the eyes of the general public. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (despite the long title name) delivered one memorable experience when I first played it in 2010.

Published by Ubisoft, this title is a beat’ em-up that has the not-so-popular Scott Pilgrim fighting for his love for Ramona Flowers in this sidescrolling adventure. The game features 8-Bit animations by well-known artist Paul Robertson alongside one helluva soundtrack by composer ANAMANAGUCHI that still holds up till today.

Unfortunately, due to licensing issues, we may never see a legal release on Switch anytime soon, since the listings for the PS3 and Xbox 360 release have been pulled for a while now.

4) Trackmania TurboTrackmania Turbo.jpg

Another Ubisoft published title that sneaks into our list, Trackmania Turbo was a darn-tooting good time if you had the patience to master the tracks. The soundtrack was half-decent as long as you weren’t raging for falling off a cliff for not calculating a curve accurately enough.

The track creator was pretty cool too, allowing you to build your own tracks and sharing them online with your friends and the world allowed for you to submerge even more playtime once you had cleared all the levels.

This would be the perfect title on the go since you can play and pick a level for a few minutes without feeling attached to the TV.

5) Grand Theft Auto 5GTA V.jpg

Rockstar is a company you should fear if you’re a publisher, due to their record-breaking sales they put out with the titles they release. In fact, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most profitable entertainment product ever. Since launching in 2013, the game has sold over 90 million copies and made $6 Billion in revenue since launching on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Despite the five years on the market, the community is still strong and active. A Nintendo Switch port would easily crush its way onto the 100 million club for lifetime sales and have the community grow even larger. A release would make it one of the best, if not the best selling title on the Switch.

This would also make up for a bitter taste in Nintendo fans where Rockstar had a GTA V prototype running on Wii U, but never came into production due to the failure of Wii U.

6) Super Mario 3D WorldSuper Mario 3D World.jpg

Absolutely one of the most wholesome and heart-warming Mario games in series history that went unnoticed by many due to it being stuck on Wii U.

If you’re looking for a great time with family on this colorful adventure or just trolling your buds into rage, this is the time of quality time Super Mario 3D World brings out the best (and worst) of us.

Splitting the joycons on the TV would be similar to 3D World on Wii U where you would use the Wii Remotes. Unlike the Wii U gamepad, you can take this experience truly on the go!

7) Kingdom Heart 3

Kingdom Heart 3.jpg

This game has been in production for what feels like forever, but it’s finally releasing this month after 13 years since a direct sequel to the second main title in the series.

The Switch won’t be getting it anytime soon, unlike the PS4 and Xbox One. No version has been announced, despite the DS receiving a lot of exclusive titles that were received well and would eventually go on to be remastered on the PS4.

Again, the ability to pick up and play for short sessions would make this the definitive version, even if it’s limited by the power of the Switch’s graphics card.

Please, Square-Enix, give us Kingdom Hearts 3 on Switch, and oh, having The Story So Far wouldn’t hurt neither.

8) Metroid Prime Trilogy

Metroid Prime Trilogy.jpg

This one seems like a no-brainer. You have Metroid Prime 4 coming to Switch, with a lot of potential new players to the series that haven’t had the chance to experience the Metroid series.

The original two titles were superb on Gamecube, but with the motion controls the Wii incorporated in the Trilogy, it made the game flow much smoother and made it more enjoyable to due to ease of accessibility of many controls.

Having Metroid in full HD? Yes, please!

9) Skate 3Skate 3.jpg

The Skate series became a fan-favorite because of the fall of Tony Hawk Pro Skater being brought to the ground by the change of developers that seemed to care more about deadlines that polishing their product to a working product… looking at you THPS 5.

Skate 3 is one of the best skating titles you can play and brought joy to many Xbox players once it became backward compatible on the Xbox One. Having it on the go would allow you to skate till’ your heart’s content and even knock down innocent pedestrians, which then proceed to kick your butt for pestering them way too often.

Local co-op would also be pretty neat with the joy-cons. If Electronic Arts is looking for an easy way of revenue, Skate 3 would keep development costs low with a potential high profit.

10) Cuphead


This one’s kind of a reach, but c’mon, you can’t deny that Cuphead, one of the best games of 2018 would make a stellar experience on the Switch.

Still, though, the problem being is that it’s published by Microsoft, so unless they’re willing to let it be on Switch because they wanna play nice and lose sales on their platform and Xbox Play Anywhere program, don’t expect it anytime soon.

Maybe one day in the near future we can embark on this beautiful hand-drawn adventure on a Nintendo console. For now, we stay optimistic.


That’s it! There are out ten titles we’d love to see on the Nintendo Switch. Obviously, there’s a lot of titles we missed since we couldn’t fit them all. Which titles would YOU like seeing on the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comment section!

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