Best Buy and Limited Run Games Team Up To Bring Yooka-Laylee and Golf Story For The Nintendo Switch

Both games will come in a very limited run.

Limited Run Games and Best Buy have teamed up to bring two titles on the Nintendo Switch to the biggest electronic retailers in the United States.

Those two titles are Yooka-Laylee and Golf Story, both which have been previously released on LRG website, but are seeing another small restock through Best Buy.

For those out of the loop, Limited Run Games specializes in bringing smaller digital titles and giving them a physical release in a limited run, hence the name. Though once a title is sold out, they’re gone for good.

Thankfully fans now have a chance to buy these titles through Best Buy once again. The titles are releasing sometime toward the end of November. Pre-order links can be found below.

Golf Story – pre-order here

Yooka-Laylee – pre-order here

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