Fornite’s Slurp Juice Receiving Big Changes In Next Patch

Spongebob Slurp Juice

New changes coming to the Slurp Juice on Fornite.

Epic has announced changes for the Slurp Juice found in Fortnite: Battle Royale, the item will be receiving a buff in the next patch version 5.10 for the game.

In a Reddit post via the Battle Royale sub, lead designer of Fortnite revealed that the slurp juice will prioritize HP, but if health is full, it’ll transfer to shield instead.

In 5.10 Slurp will give 75 points (2hp/s), but prioritize HP first. If HP is full it’ll go to Shield.”

Currently, the slurp juice grants 50 points of health, but should be changing to 75 points in version 5.10 of the game. No additional details were revealed for the moment.

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