Rocket League Adding WWE Swag This Weekend

WWE Items Arrive During WrestleMania 34 Image

Merch from WWE goes from ring to field in Rocket League.

Psyonix has announced WWE items are being added this week in celebration of Wrestlemania 34 main event.

11 new items are coming, you’ll be able to receive a special code that will allow you to get two random items, which will be announced during Wrestlemania 34, where you can then enter it on your Rocket League game.

What items are included within the eleven randoms?

Here’s what’s possible to find with the special unlock code:

  • Player Banners

    • ‘WWE’

    • ‘WWE RAW’

    • ‘WWE SmackDown Live!’

    • ‘WWE NXT’

    • ‘WWE WrestleMania 34’

  • Flags

    • ‘WWE’

    • ‘WWE RAW”

    • ‘WWE SmackDown Live!’

    • ‘WWE NXT’

    • ‘WWE WrestleMania 34’

  • Wheel

    • ‘WWE’

      The wait for WWE items in Rocket League is almost over!

      As part of our ongoing partnership with WWE, new WWE-themed customization items are coming to Rocket League this weekend. We’ve heard your demand loud and clear since we first started sponsoring WWE events last year, and we’re happy to announce that 11 new items are making their way to the ring just in time for WrestleMania 34!

      How do you get these new WWE items? Tune into WrestleMania 34 on Sunday (and keep an eye on our Twitter account during the live broadcast) to get a special code that will randomly unlock TWO of the items listed below. There will then be MORE special codes and MORE items added to the list throughout the year for more unlocking opportunities, and of course, all WWE items are tradeable once you’ve acquired them. To use the special code once it’s live, open up Rocket League, go to ‘Extras’ in the Main Menu and select ‘Redeem Code.’

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