Hulu on Nintendo Switch Will Be Receiving Touch Support Soon

Coming very ‘soon’

Hulu on Nintendo Switch is the first multimedia app offered in North America, allowing users to watch their favorite modern and classic series on the go (with an active internet connection) or watch it on the big screen at home.

In an AMA on the r/Hulu subreddit, Ben Smith, the SVP of Hulu, recently commented between the relationship and the company, saying nothing but positive things about the Japanese based company.

Touch screen support for handheld mode is coming apparently, as mentioned in the latest AMA on r/Hulu. With a ‘soon’ release date mentioned, it looks like the function will be coming… although realistically should of been there day one.

What has the feedback been like after the release of Hulu on Switch? And if you can share, what was it like working with Nintendo to release the first video-streaming app for the Switch?

Nintendo was great to work with, giving us early access to hardware and developer documentation that enabled us to be the first video app on Switch. I use it all the time. Biggest feedback that we’ve gotten and that I feel as a regular user is that it would be better if it supported touch. We are currently working with Nintendo on this

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