Heading Into 2018, Find Out Why 2018 Will Be A Big Year For The Ninty Times

Big changes are coming in 2018 for the site and our social media outlets, find out how were enhancing your experience.

2018 is set to be a big year for The Ninty Times, with more engagement with the community, were set to make the next step into our growth into the industry. Currently at the time of this publication, we only have one editor taking course of the news, reviews, social media channels, and everything in between.

Let’s just say this isn’t as productive as I’d like it to be. With creative minds comes creative articles, ideas, and campaigns. Sometime during 2018, we hope to post various openings for our website where you can apply for a position helping our website (and your portfolio) grow. It’s a great way for you to break into the gaming industry for some exposure as a writer.

Something that really needs to be addressed is our YouTube channel. At the moment, our channels aren’t updated as regularly as I’d like to due to my internet upload speed being pretty horrible… thanks Comcast! With a virtual monopoly for Internet in my area, getting a fair price for the speed is nearly impossible. We do have two channels, our main channel, The Ninty Times official YouTube page, which mostly consists of footage of introduction of games. Our second channel, my personal page which I go as Supreme Wavedash, has also gone silent for the time being. My goal for this channel is to make it more personal, with it being Let’s Plays and more personal content that might not be strictly gaming all the time, such as sports, sneakers, ect.

Lessons have been learned and I will upload quality over quantity, with more production coming into our videos, such as an actual intro to our videos! Thankfully, I’ve been messing around in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, which I should be able to debut soon in the first half of 2018.

Video content is extremely vital in today’s age, and for major releases on all platforms, we will be releasing both video and written reviews on the same date. The video releases will be on YouTube, having the same script from the text post on our blog post from our website. As far as Twitch goes, due to my work schedule, it’s been difficult to stream at a consistent time frame.

Major revamp of our layout is also incoming. We’re hiring a web designer that will revamp our website to make it more professional looking, and easier to navigate across all devices. Adding a game tracker to your virtual game collection, release dates for indies and retail releases at the click of the button, and even links for you to purchase directly from our partners.

With that being said, I also want to announce we will be launching a Patreon as well. With Patreon, we’ll be able to keep the site nice and managed, launch campaigns for our pages across Twitter and Facebook so we can keep our community growing, fund reviews and production of videos, ect. The purpose of our Patreon won’t be to cheat our everyday readers and viewers, it’s so we can keep the light going with more content.

As my promise as your Editor-in-Chief, I promise I will not restrict everyday content from our readers. I do plan on making exclusive items, such as wallpapers, raffles, and a special page to all our readers who have supported us through Patreon. While no tiers have been publicly announced at the time, expect an announcement sometime in the near future. Even if you don’t support us through there, that’s fine!

You can support us by shopping with our affiliate partners without donating through Pateron as well, such as buying through links with Amazon and GameStop, which our site receives a small kickback to maintain operations. We post links through our social media pages and blog posts, so please consider this for future references. Another way is by turning off your ad-blocker on our website and YouTube channels.

Thanks for making my dream a reality, I’ve been able to connect with many professionals, companies, and many great people. 2018 is set to be a great year and hopefully you can join us through the process. Can’t wait to see what for you guys to see what I have planned for this year.



Kevin, Editor-in-Chief of The Ninty Times

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