South Korea: Nintendo Switch Makes Powerful Statement By Seling 55K in Just 3 Days

With a market dominated by computers and mobile games, the Switch breaks the tide with strong opening days in South Korea.

Nintendo’s latest device just launched the past week in South Korea, nine months after the original release of the console itself. Boasting a strong charisma with sales so far,r Nintendo is looking to make surgence in a market where consoles themselves struggle immensely.

In a recent post, it came to light that the console-hybrid had sold over 55K units in its first three days of sale, quite impressively. It should be noted that the only two consoles to ever sell more than 1 million units in the territory were the PS2 and the Wii. This is without, if not the biggest, game on launch, it being The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will launch in February 2018.

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