Suda51 Wants Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes to be Playable With a Single Joy-con

Suda51 says he’s ready for the challenge.

Switch owners have many games to look toward to in the future, with one of the biggest ones being Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, the highly anticipated next iteration titles in the series.

With an interview with Japanese magazine FamitsuSuda51 mentioned the desire of wanting to develop the upcoming game in a manner where it would allow players to play with one single joy-con, saying the “challenge was worthwhile” to development.

Our direct task right now is to make it playable with just one Joy-Con controller and also to make it feel as good as No More Heroes, but there are also many old games that can be played really well even with few buttons, so I think the challenge is worthwhile. Also, this is a serious love call, but in order for Travis to be able to appear in Super Smash Bros. someday, I’d like to have simple controls (laughs).

He also goes on to explain why the team felt the Nintendo Switch was the most suitable platform to develop for, crediting the Wii for much success with the previous games performing well on the Wii.

I feel Travis Touchdown is one of the important characters that makes me want to create a sequel for, and thankfully he’s been loved by all players from both inside and outside the country. When wondering when the chance to make a further sequel would come, after the work on Let It Die calmed down, I learned about the Nintendo Switch. I instantly felt, “This console might have good compatibility with No More Heroes!” The past games also did well with the Wii Remote, and I feel the same appeal with Switch’s Joy-Con.

We can still look forward to the title dropping sometime in 2018, which isn’t too far off! Would a single Joy-Con button scheme make the game too simplistic? Or would it open the doors for more creative gameplay?

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