Sony Now Allows You to Purchase Games With Your PlayStation Trophies

Empowering the player with new ways.

Sony has announced through their Sony Rewards program a new feature for the PSN family, allowing players to trade up their trophies for shiny new games.

Members of the Sony Rewards program now have the option accumulating points and trading them in for games or PSN credit. Although right now the program is now fairly limited, you can only use trophies earned now and with a pretty brutal payout, not to mention only being available to US accounts.

Currently, the program guidelines mention 100 Silver trophies equate to 100 points, 25 Gold trophies for 250 points, and 10 Platinum trophies for 1000 points. You can view all current rewards here and take a peek to see what keens your interest.

As mentioned before, it’ll take a lot of work to get to those sweet rewards, but we’re sure trophy hunters will be cashing out sooner than later!

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