Xbox One X – Master Chief Emblem Found Hidden Inside Console

Scorpio life.

Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the market, is making a surging entrance next month on November 7th, bringing a powerhouse of a graphics card, GDDR5 RAM, 6 Teraflops of pure processing, as well as an ego as the bad boy in the console industry.

Recently, a YouTuber had the opportunity to visit the Microsoft office in Seattle to go hands on with the internal components of the console. Inside the console, you can find none other than Master Chief himself engraved in the circuit board of the Xbox One X.

Master Chief is riding none other than a Scorpion, which of course, before known as Xbox One X, was known as ‘Scorpio’.

Well played Microsoft, well played. Just don’t try this at home because it’ll void your warranty if you do.

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