Spotify FINALLY Comes to Xbox After Eager Anticipation From Fans

Breaking away from PlayStation exclusivity

Rejoice Xbox fans, you now have the ability to use a full, functional music players most users are subscribed to.

Starting today, you can now use Spotify, the popular music streaming service, across Xbox One devices. Whether you're on a Free or Premium package, you can jam out to a session of music, including the ability of using it in background all games, such as Rocket League or Tekken 7.

The application is available in 34 different markets for download in the Xbox Store. Great thing is if you have a tablet or mobile phone, you can control the music playing on your Xbox using the device without needing to quit the application in use.

It's been 3 long years, but Spotify is now longer exclusive to PlayStation. Only major console missing it at the moment is the Switch.

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