Nintendo Removes Sombrero Mario From Super Mario Odyssey Cover

Taco Tuesday officialy ruined

Some keen users have noticed that the boxart on the upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey, is strangely missing a piece of art the original cover had included. The image seems to be replaced by Mario swimming underwater instead.

Right next to the ESRB logo in the bottom left corner, Mario is now underwater in combat instead of his charming sombrero. It could just mean the marketing team wasn’t comfortable having that material in the cover, who knows… really.

Also in news, Super Mario Odyssey is the first Mario game to recieve a E10+ rating in series history. Super Mario Odyssey drops this October 27th on the Switch, pre-order your copy on Amazon today and save 20% with Amazon Prime.

Below, you can the original (top) and new (bottom) artwork cover. Does the missing Sombrero Mario rustle your jimmies? Let us know in the comment section below.


Updated cover

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