Square Enix The World Ends With You Officially Turns 10 Years Today

Image result for the world ends with you

Dating back to the dog days of July 2007, an era where Nintendo was pushing it’s portable handheld system, the DS and the home console Wii, a revolution to the industry and would shape up how gamers interacted with games forever. It was much more simpler time before. The world wasn’t glued to their cellphones all of the time, Ed, Edd n Eddy was one of Cartoon Networks premiere shows, and of course, who could forget the memorable duo of Drake & Josh lightning up our lives every week.

The year is now 2017. The world (no pun intended) has changed drastically in hindsight. Technology has advanced so much, looking back to the graphics of the DS is quite extraordinary ugly in today’s terms, but the love that brought DS owners with The World Ends With You is still quite special, giving us a glimpse of a twisted Tokyo environment. The game did rave quite well with the press, receiving an 88 on Metacritic overall. The game however, has been updated and received a graphical boost on Android and Apple devices.

While growing up does suck, let’s just relive all of our good memories we’ve had not only in gaming, but in our daily lives. If you wanna experience this beauty for yourself, you can grab a copy for a low as $18 online. It’s been a while ride, but here’s to ten more!

Happy 10th anniversary in Japan, The World Ends With You!



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