The Golden State Dynasty Makes Your Team Look Average At The Very Least

The NBA Playoffs are now in the Semifinals stage, with 8 teams remaining; each fighting for a chance at the Larry O’ Brien trophy. With the way things have been going, it looks like we already have a clear winner.

Yup, you guessed it. The Golden State Warriors. What can we say, this team is built for a dynasty. After last year’s devastating loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 7 games during the NBA Finals, the team has been playing at a spectacular level. Yes, they did lose a lot of their contributing bench such as Harrison Barnes and Leonardo Barbosa, but ended up acquiring All-Star and one time MVP Kevin Durant during the off-season. That’s one hell of a blessing for Warriors fans, isn’t it?

Golden State has yet to drop a single loss during this year’s playoffs. With a clean 4-0 sweep over the Portland Trailblazers and currently up 2-0 on the emerging Utah Jazz. You see, when your team has two MVP’s (Kevin Durant and Steph Curry) with the addition to possible Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) Draymond Green, the number one scoring defense in the league, with alongside one of the best defenses in the whole NBA. This team is stacked.

Image result for kevin durant golden state signing

Kevin Durant announced he would be joining the Golden State Warriors on July 4th, 2016. Durant played 1 season with the Seattle Supersonics and 8 with the OKC Thunder after the team had made its franchise relocation to Oklahoma.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Warriors end up losing less than two games in the Western Conference, they’re basically built for a dynasty in the years to come. LeBron James is thirsty for a second title for ‘The Land’ and is on a mission for Cleveland again, which respectively, have a 6-0 record in the post season so far. Will this be the year that LeBron doesn’t reach the NBA Finals? Will Boston, Washington, or Toronto be able to prevail into the Finals?

The secrets of the Warriors? Could it be the magnificent back court duo of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry? The energy driven Draymond Green? Or could it be the powers of the almighty toaster?


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