Super Bomberman R Update Is On The Way, Adressing Latency Issues

Konami has addressed some in-game issues for Super Bomberman R, which affected play offline as well as online. Players we’re having issues playing the game where the controller and game weren’t responding at the same time, causing frustration as well as missed inputs. Thankfully, Konami has posted on their website that a patch is on the way, as well the first of “many updates” in the works.

Regarding the latency issues during Online Battles (3)
Dear Bomberman Fans,

We are happy to announce a significant upgrade for Super Bomberman R available on Nintendo Switch.

These improvements should greatly refine the game-play, control input and character controls, for both online and offline play.

This is the first of many upcoming updates that will focus on improving the Super Bomberman R play experience.

We appreciate your patience and your continued support..

Stay tuned for more information!

The Super Bomberman R team.

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