RUMOR: Best Buy Switch Midnight Launch Detia

Some details for Best Buy’s Switch midnight launch

Looks like the cat might of been let out of the bag a little bit too early. Some details have surfaced on how North American retailer Best Buy plans to handle it’s launch for the Nintendo Switch. According a verified Reddit post, it seems that stores have already received demo units, but are currently awaiting for the reps to set them up. And even if you didn’t get a chance to pre-order a system, it seems stores will have additional stock to sell for launch. Details can be found below:

  • Best Buy stores have started receiving their demo system displays and are waiting for Nintendo reps to set them up.
  • There will be tickets printed for non pre-order systems. No verification on quantity at this time, but Best Buy is expecting to have systems available. Tickets will be given out a minimum of 1-hour prior to the store opening for stores not doing the midnight launch.
  • All accessories are street dated in the system so none will be available before the 3rd.
  • 682 Best Buy locations are doing midnight launches. Tickets will be distributed prior to midnight but the timeline is up to the individual store managers.

You can check to see if your nearest store will be doing a midnight launch right here.


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