Who Are You Rooting For This #SuperBowl51 Weekend?


The biggest football game of the year comes down to this moment…

Super Bowl 51 takes part this weekend in Houston, Texas as part of the annual tradition of each season where the remaining teams of each conference (AFC vs NFC) where each compete for the championship trophy known as the Lombardi trophy. This year the both remaining teams are the Atlanta Falcons, representing the NFC, versus the New England Patriots from the AFC. Both teams were victorious this season, with the Falcons finished 11-5 during the regular season while the Patriots netted a 14-2 record.

In celebration of the big game this Sunday, we have prepared some icons that are fitted for Twitter to change your profile picture for the big game this weekend. You can save the pictures by right clicking or holding down on your device to save it to the camera roll. Super Bowl 51 airs on Sunday @ 6:30 PM Eastern on FOX in the United States. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can expect a halftime performance from Lady Gaga as part of the Pepsi Zero Sugar halftime show.




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