Rumor: Nintendo Switch Releasing On March 17 + Launch Games


It’s getting spicy in here. What seems to be the launch date AND the line-up for the Switch seems impressive indeed.

By the looks of it, the Nintendo Switch will be making an attempt to capitalize it’s killer line-up nice and early, unlike Wii U, which had a bare-bone game release not often enough to get many people to buy the system. The latest rumor comes from Ms. Dale from Let’s Play Videogames.

She is reporting what seems to be the supposed Switch line-up and release date. The Nintendo Switch will be releasing on March 17th in PAL territories (she is based from the UK) and worldwide and will have a quite stellar launch line-up. Organized through some tweets she compossed on twitter, here are some of the games that you should keep an eye out for the Switch reveal event on January 12th! Lots of great games you might of missed on Wii U seem to be on the way to Switch 🙂

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