Rumor: NX Controller Wil Have PS4-Esque D-Pad And A Share Button

The latest rumor regarding Nintendo’s home console currently codenamed as “NX”, will reportedly borrow some design inspiration from the PlayStation 4.

In terms of the controller design, the NX controller will not only have a “split d-pad” but have the option to share your gameplay through a share button implented within the controller.

Let’s Play Gamers is reporting that these features will be in the controller, according to their anonymous sources. As far as sharing goes, it’s being said the share button will let you upload to Miiverse, but as well as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Additionally, you’ll be able to save screenshots or save video to a external device. LPG has sketched out what it might look like.

Here’s a roundup of what other sources like Nintendo Life had to confirm. For more information, keep reading after the break.

Following our report last week regarding the Nintendo NX featuring advanced vibration technology and motion sensing in it’s new Wii Remote replacement controllers, Let’s Play Video Games has learned some additional information regarding the current version of the NX development hardware.

According to anonymous sources that have contacted Let’s Play Video Games following the previous report, we have learned that not only does the current NX development hardware feature a split D-Pad, unlike the solid pads Nintendo typically uses, but that the system also features a share button similar to that on the PS4.

The share button, denoted by a small icon of a camera, will apparently allow the upload of still images and video directly to Miiverse, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It will also be possible to save images or video to external memory devices for easier transfer to PC.

While the reasoning behind switching to a split D-Pad is currently unclear, the above header image was drawn by a source familiar with the current NX development kit and matches a description of the dev kit layout given by a second source who has provided reliable leaks regarding Nintendo products in the past

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