Yo-Kai Watch 2 Website Now Live

The Yo-Kai Watch 2 website has now gone live for disposal and viewing of your eyeballs through the power of the internet. The website lets you look at various screenshots as well as some general information of the games. Here some information straight from the site.

Those mysterious and mischievous Yo-kai are back for an all-new adventure! Find, befriend, and battle more than 350 new and returning Yo-kai. Hop on a train to seek out new towns and new Yo-kai. Team up with the heroic cat, Hovernyan, and travel back in time to save Springdale and witness the origin of the Yo-kai Watch.

  • Embark on an all-new adventure in Springdale with more than 350 new and returning Yo-kai to discover and befriend—each with a unique look, personality, and Soultimate Move.
  • Assemble your team of 6 Yo-kai on your Yo-kai Watch to battle troublemaking Yo-kai, solve people’s problems, and end a civil war between competing Yo-kai factions.
  • Ride trains to new surrounding areas, such as the countryside village of Harrisville and seaside town of San Fantastico.
  • Travel back in time to discover the origin of the Yo-kai Watch and meet Classic Yo-kai from 60 years ago.
  • Befriend different Yo-kai depending on the version you play.*
  • Team up with up to 4 players in Yo-kai Watch Blasters, an all-new, action-based, local multiplayer mode.**
  • Challenge your friend’s team over the Internet*** or local wireless in 2-player multiplayer battles.
  • QR Code® patterns and Passwords will offer you in-game coins; use them on the Crank-a-kai to have the opportunity to get hard-to-find Yo-kai or other items.
  • Additional quests and activities like bike races, Gate Globes, Baffle Boards, and more

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