Update For Super Mario Maker Set To Introduce Checkpoints And New Tools

All across the world players are enjoying and devouring their hands with Super Mario Maker, Nintendo’s title featuring the lovable plumber that hit the Wii U last month. While course makers and players alike have been poured in hours into building and playing, one of the biggest setbacks seems to be the feature to not have any checkpoints. While this adds to the challenge the game presents, some levels are just too lengthy and punishing that may make players to not finish the course.

Thankfully Nintendo has heard the outcry of its fans with this update for Super Mario Maker. Course makers will have the option to add this neat little checkpoint for the player to save when they come across it. Now players might get that extra motivation to beat the level. But that’s not all the update is offering.

The SMM maker update is giving the creators the ability to do some nifty things as well.You’ll be able to stuff like attaching a Super Mushroom to a Fire flower by placing it inside the block. The item Mario receives depends on his size. For instance, if Mario is in his small form, you can use the Super Mushroom to grow in size. When Mario is already fully grown in size, you’ll be able to get the Fire Flower for full power against his enemies.

And let’s not forget pre-made courses. There’s more coming as well for you to beat. Remember the collaboration between Facebook and Nintendo for the Super Mario Maker Hackathon event? The winning course will be added as well. And as a extra bonus, even more surprise levels are coming from the update, so be sure to download it and try them for yourself!

Here’s the video explaining all that’s coming for the new Super Mario Maker update. The update releasing on November 4th in the US and November 5th in Europe.

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