The Ninty Times: What Does The Future Hold For It?

What’s the reason for the sudden leave and stop of coverage for the site? It’s been a long story, actually. A lot of personal events have actually been going on my personal life, some I won’t share on here. It hasn’t been anything too severe, just enough to put me to the point where I was unable to update this website with regularity. I’ve been trying to come a consensus with myself and the ones around me that it’s been an extremely difficult time in the process.
A couple of months ago, I was no longer working for my current employer and left me in a critical state where money and my wants came to a narrow close. Fortunately I had some money saved up saved up in case if this situation was to occur, and has a cushion to reside on a for a period of time. I had no job to regularly to depend on my income, but thankfully I had friends and family to offer help by helping them do side jobs, which helped me make some money.

I do not have money as the important aspect in my life, but it’s gotten to the point where I’ve limited my game purchases and amiibo purchases severely decreased in order to pay my bills. With that being said, I have hope to return to the The Ninty Times for the foreseeable future. The future’s looking bright as it looks like I’m back to the path of employment and a flexible schedule in my hands. This of course doesn’t mean I’ll be all day and night updating the site, but I’ll definitely update a lot more than the last couple of months. The domain name requires a cost to keep it running and have been unable to do it because of this situation.
The greatest of news is that I’ll be able to write about my passion and help all of you folks get in touch with all the news. In the near future, I’m also planning to roll out more opinion articles, reviews, contests, and interactive communities (ex: Miiverse & Twitter) to help you feel more welcome here. 

My intentions are to come back to journalism and hope you can all enjoy my content I provide to you, the reader. Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post. I appreciate it 🙂

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