Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms amiibo Functionality Won’t Lock Content In Star Fox Zero

The legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, recently had the opportunity to talk with online gaming publication Kotaku regarding his latest project, Star Fox Zero. With hype building around the game, fans demanding a new iteration in the Star Fox series, with the last new game they got to play was Star Fox Assault for the Gamecube. Which to say, had very, very, mixed reactions. Thankfully, Miyamoto has heard fans outcries and will take a similar feel to Star Fox 64, Miyamoto confirmed during E3.

Kotaku laid down the question to Miyamoto (with the help of the translator) if the use of amiibo in the game would lock any content to players without those supported amiibo in the game. And as an Wii U owner, it sincerely makes you ponder if this is a possibility, since games like Splatoon require the use the Splatoon amiibo line to unlock missions and gear that’s only unlocked through the use of the figure. In the case of Star Fox Zero, Miyamoto stated that the amiibo functionality won’t give content only available by using the figure.

Meaning that if you don’t own a Fox or Falco amiibo, for example, you won’t be able to unlock a certain mission. Instead, Miyamoto made clear that fans most likely would own an amiibo, so the possilibity of throwing in the use would be to unlock a exclusive Arwing skin, he stated in the interview with Kotaku. You can find an exerpt of Miyamoto’s words below.

Miyamoto: “In terms of being able to unlock content, I don’t really want to go down that path. For this game, I think of it more as, for people who have the Amiibo, they’re going to get a little something extra and that’s how I’m planning on it with this game. So rather than actual abilities or things like that changing in the game, it would be like getting a different skin for the Arwing or something like that.”

Falco amiibo Box Art

Miyamoto: “So, I don’t really want to talk about Nintendo in general today, but in terms of what I’m doing with Star Fox, I’m really not thinking about there being locked content or there being a mode that you won’t be able to play if you don’t have one. Since we already have the existing Smash Bros. Amiibos I basically want to put in something so if you already have those Amiibos, I imagine people will try and tap them on Star Fox anyway, and I want to make sure there is something that gives them a nice charge when they do that.”


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