Attention All Kids And Squids! Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Is Set To Arrive Next Week.

Time to ink and roll! Erm, roll over those pesky Octolings that is. This update is set to introduce various features in the game to improve your play time with Splatoon. This update is set introduce Splatfest, a competitions where you choose one side and duke it out against your opponents as you attempt for your side to become victorious and win. In fact, if you thought choosing what pair of socks to wear in the morning, the Splatfest might make your head spin with the decision of your favorite side.

And of course, nerfing certain items and abilities as needed. After all, the game is meant to be accessible and enjoyable to all types of players. What exactly is included in this update you ask? As provided by Nintendo themselves through their website, these are the offical notes regarding the update that 1.3.0 will roll out (pun not intended) on June 30th for users in North America.


On June 30, 2015, new update data for the Splatoon game will be available for download. Users will be required to download this update prior to using the software’s online multiplayer features.

Update details:


  • When there are more members on one team than the other and the match-making process takes too long, members from the same team will be able to battle each other
    • Members will still receive Splatfest Points even when they battle against members of the same team
    • Note: Only the results from matches against the opposing team will be included in the overall Splatfest results
  • Adjustments have been made to allow some players at random to participate as early as 5 minutes prior to the official start time of Splatfest in order to make for a more pleasant gaming experience (Note: All players will be able to participate once the event begins)
    • This adjustment was made to lighten the server load at the beginning of the Splatfest
  • Adjustments have been made to the number of Super Sea Snails distributed to members of the losing team that have earned either of the top two Splatfest rank titles

Special Weapon Adjustments:

  • Inkstrike: The amount of area covered will be more consistent regardless of where it lands
  • Kraken: The amount of knockback is increased when taking damage from an opponent while using Kraken

Ability Adjustments:

  • Ninja Squid: Swim speed will be lowered when using this ability
  • Stealth Jump: The amount of time it takes to Super Jump will be longer when using this ability
  • Ink Resistance Up: The effects with respect to the amount of damage and speed when moving through enemy ink will be adjusted


  • Other adjustments will be made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience


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