These Real Life Yarn Yoshi Photos Are Just Too Adorable

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It was a relief seeing some brand new Yoshi’s Wolly World footage last week during the Nintendo Direct last week, assuring fans of the Yoshi series the title was getting closer to it’s release. But we’re going to have to stop you there… Stop scrolling with the mouse or swiping with your finger, because these photos of real life Yarn Yoshi’s are just too much to handle.

In fact, there’s even a whole different color variation of them from a range of poses, you’ll just have to appreciate all the creativity taken into these. Although the images are posted on our website, you can find the original photos here.

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124300 WUPP AYC Char01 3 R Ad (Copy)

Pretty neat, huh? These Yoshi are certainly easy to get attached to. After all, regular Yoshi was already awesome, Yarn Yoshi just takes it to another level. Do you like the Yoshi seen above? Let us know in the comment section below!

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