Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Reaches 2.7 Million Copies Sold In Japan

During the latest financial sales reports from Capcom, it has reported a monstrous boom with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Generally, all main series Monster Hunter games perform strongly in the region, but it stills gives us quite a surprise each time showing the popularity of the series. The latest title did not disappoint.

In fact, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate sold 2.7 million copies in the region of Japan up to date so far. You read that right, in Japan. Capcom sure had a robust sheer amount of sales in the region, and hopes to bring that success also in the Western countries such as Europe and North America on February 13th. While other games under performed in terms of sales, some also exceed, such as the latest re-release of Street Fighter IV on current consoles. Be sure to click on the link for all the tidbits of information. Are you planning to purchase Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when it arrives in Western territories? Let us know in the comment section below.

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