Frogadier and Eevee Confirmed For Pokken Tournament

The Ninty Times

Being a Pokemon fan has never been so amazing, yet confusing. Who ever would thought outside of Smash Bros, Pokemon would be duking it out on their very own game? It’s exciting for sure, and especially the recent juicy reveals that have been made on the NicoNico streams, Pokken Fighters is suiting up to be one solid fighting game.

The official Pokken Fighters website has confirmed two new Pokemon will be making it onto the ring. Frogadier and Eevee have been confirmed officialy by the electronic manual on the website, which you can check out here.

capture imageAs of now, the game has only been confirmed for arcades in Japan, leaving countries in the West and the Wii U in dust with no release date for either one of those that were mentioned. Don’t be surprised if Game Freak decides to publish the game on the console too. How do you feel about all these character additions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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